Build mobile apps with javascript faster than ever before

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Build a todo app in 4 minutes

See how you can build a todo app with synced state between devices in 4 minutes without writing a single line of code.

Kiss.js is a set of tools to make mobile app development fast and fun

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Kiss Cloud

The nosql data store of kissjs. Similar to firestore but fully open source. If you know how to query data with firestore, you know how kisscloud works.

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Building authentication systems is annoying. Kissjs has Auth built in. Every new project you create comes fully equiped with signin/signup forms, auhtentication logic and protected routes.

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Kissjs provides a powerful cli to enable rails like scaffolding. It will save you days of time when you easily can scaffold views, logic and persistency for your models with one single command.

What is kiss.js actually

Kiss.js doesn't reinvent the wheel. It's a carefully assembled set of tools to build hybrid mobile applications. All this tools glued together make developing with them a breathe. Everything kiss.js provides is fully open source. So there is absolutely no lock in.

Kissjs consists of:

  • Frontend: React, Ionic, mobx, typescript
  • Backend: Feathers.js
  • Database: MongoDB

On the frontend, kiss.js apps are basically react ionic apps. But kiss.js provides an opinionated way of doing things. Most react apps mix view and application logic which is more than suboptimal. Kiss.js provides so called business logic blocks (bloc) to clearly seperate view logic from application logic. Blocs are globally registered and can get accesed anywhere. Blocs can directly connect to kisscloud. This way you get a fully reactive app from database to UI out of the box.

The backend side of kiss.js apps is handled by kiss cloud which is basically an open source alternative to firestore. Kiss cloud is a nosql data store which can get queried directly from the frontend and delivers realtime results.
If you need to perform additional logic as a reaction to data changes, you can use server side hooks. Hooks are simple node functions that get executed whenever a certain datachange happens (eg todo item gets updated). Kiss.js will deploy your hooks as serverless functions. If this isn't enough you can also call functions directly from the client.