Why I'm going to build another js "framework"

Ralf Pitter

creator of kiss.js

While developing gymconsole (a hybrid mobile app), I got frustrated pretty quickly. You have to perform the same annoying tasks over and over again. Configuring the project, creating a bloated backend just to save some user data, setting up authentication, managing state, and the most annoying part of all: CRUD.

Nearly every page in my app has underlying CRUD functionality. So you have to create a model, create the page layout, create forms, create views for detail views etc etc. I really couldn't stand it anymore. All I want is some basic views hooked up with some custom logic that result in some persisted state. That's it. And I realised that most (B2C) apps don't require more than that. So I made it my mission to streamline that process.

I'm absolutely not into reinventing the wheel. There are a lot of tools that are exactly made for that kind of apps, but you have to manually assemble them to get a decent dev experience. But that is time consuming! I want to get shit done quickly!

That's why I'm creating a framework that makes it super easy to create mobile hybrid apps that handle data for a single user.

Entering kiss.js:

Kiss.js combines the best tools to create these kind of apps. What it will provide is the following:

-Scaffolding: Creation of views in a rails like manner -Project structur: An easy to get started but scalable project structure. -Datastores: Data persistence that seemlessly integrates with your local store (Backend out of the box)

I will use this series to give regular updates on the project. Expect the first working prototypes in a couple of days.

If you want to know more about kiss.jss, follow me on twitter. I tweet a lot about it there.